About Me


Hey there! I'm Lauren!

I'm a Toronto-based 'product designer' - I use quotations as my previous and current profession are often mixed up. I studied and worked as an industrial designer where I helped design tangible products ranging from medical devices to consumer products.

Designing human-centred products is something I've had the priveledge of doing for the last several years through college and work. I am constantly learning and evolving as a student of design, and love exploring different mediums to create new experiences.


Thanks for browsing my work!

As a creative, I'm looking to work in an environment where I can flourish and grow as a designer while also making a positive impact with my skill set.

If this sounds like you/your company, I'd love to chat with you! Take a gander at the links on the right.

Call me, beep me, here's where you can reach me -